Thursday, January 22, 2009

Here's the REST of the Story! "Sophie" Part II

(I gotta tell you, I don't know how single moms do it. I really don't. I now will place them in a special place in my heart. If it hadn't been for my sweet, precious hubs these past few days, I really don't know if I could've made it! He posted for me earlier, but now.....Here's the REST of the story!)
Settled in, Ready to Go!
Sophie did make a wonderful arrival on Tuesday. We got the hospital exactly at 5:30 am. We had pre-registered, so it was a breeze to get in our room. Pitosin (sp?) got started, contractions started up, and we were off!
My dad and sis

We had mostly family there ready to celebrate the big day. My sis & dad drove in. My sister and I have been in the delivery room for 4 out of the 5 of our children, so it's really special to have them both there. She's always good at getting the doctors to do things with a "you better get my sister some pain meds NOW"'s great!

Grace was there with her "BIG SIS" shirt....and her baby's "stuff" in tow (of course!)

So, the contractions started getting a bit hard and the "Epidural Guy" came in to save the day! I had an epidural with Grace, so I was nowhere near scared. Just relieved! However, nothing could go just perfect, can it? I had just finished pressing my head up against Boog's belly while he was inserting the needle....when, after it was done, we heard him say, "Well, I've done this a thousand times and this has happened maybe 5 times ever!". Wow. Not something you want to hear out of the mouth of the guy who just stuck maybe the largest needle ever in the small of your back. Turns out, he went about 1 mm too far and entered my spinal fluid. A catheder then had to be put directly into that spinal fluid and that's where my epidural would stay....right directly in the middle of all that important know, that supplies your brain - all that good stuff! The doc assured me that I "might" get a Spinal Fluid Migraine after everything's done, but we'll see. Nothing to get too worried about. (OK......ummm, can I get a refund on that epidural please?)

Anyhoo, labor goes wonderful! 10 contractions/pushes and she's out. Now here's the scarier part, the cord was wrapped around sweet Sophie's neck twice, but with quick work from my lovely doctor, she's oaky.....a little purple....but she's perfect. There were a few other gliches that also led to me being in a little more pain than normal afterwards (ladies, you know what I'm talking about!), but my prayer has always been, if something were to happen Lord, let it happen to me, not Sophie. So I'm thankful. Just thankful.
Right after Sophie was Born!

Grace was the first visitor to see her!

Then, Mimi & Papaw....and other family members..

This is, I think, one of the sweetest pics ever...Sophie, holding her big sis's finger.

Grace, FINALLY getting to hold Sophie

So things were good. Turns out, Sophie is one laid back girl! She took to nursing immediately. In fact, I would call her nursing style somewhat similar to an Animal Kingdom episode where a baracuda scopes out its prey, lunges, SNAPS, and devours. Yeah, lots of fun for momma! But she's such a laid back little girl......and a pretty good sleeper, too!

My Sweethearts

So, we were on our way ready to go home. Or so I thought. In the final hours before leaving, I began to have this "fuzziness" appear inside my head. Looking down was hard, looking at light was hard....yep, you guessed it. The dreaded "Spinal Fluid Migraine" had arrived. Now, I don't typically get headaches, much less migraines, so to all the Migraine-gettin' people out there - I'M SO SORRY! It's miserable. I feel for you. So, to combat this, I basically had to get another epidural where instead of shooting pain medicine in you, they draw your own blood from you and then "clot" up the spinal fluid that's being lossed. I don't get it. But it worked - thankfully. No fun for two epidurals though.

But this is where my hubby, the rescuer, has come in. Because of the complications, I'm in a bit more pain than normal now, and he's come to my aide. He's pitched in, seen me in some well, I'll just say it - embarrassing, awful moments....ones that I wouldn't really even want to see myself! - and basically been 100% help with Grace and me and Sophie. I couldn't do this without him!

So, I can't complain at all.....I heard that it would happen. That you could love another one just as much as your first one. I didn't think it could, but it has! Sophie's.......well, a gift from God. His Reward.

On Our Way Home!


Keri said...

It's killing me not be able to visit y'all.

I love the look on Grace's face when she first saw Sophie, and Boog's face watching Grace. Priceless.

She also looks like an old pro holding her baby sister. All those baby dolls and stuff really helped.

And you don't even look like you just had a baby! Praying that you get to feeling better soon.

The Lorick Family said...

She is beautiful! You know these pregnancy hormones...I am sitting here crying looking at the pictures of her and Grace! She will be a great big sister and you and Boog are already some of the best parents I know. We are blessed to have the 4 of you in our lives!

Keri said...

No pg hormones here and I still teared up.

The Allens said...

Wow. That made me a little nervous! I deliver in a few weeks at Mother Frances. What hospital were you in?

The Allens said...

Thank you so much for your comment! I AM nervous - it's obviously my first!

Lil' Chris' Mom said...

Thanks for the great update:)
Sophie is SO beautiful!!
I'm glad you had a great delivery. Sorry about the epidural, I've heard that can happen.
I've got a question for you. Was there a certain reason you induced? Did your dr say it was for the best for some reason? Or did your dr just leave it up to you to decide to induce or not?
Just curious since my dr didn't really push the issue today at my appt.

Briana Rachel said...

She is soooo pretty! She looks like Grace. I wish I could go see her.

The Keltons said...

You look great. Sophie is precious. I love the picture of Grace holding her little sis's hand. I hope the headache is gone now and you feel much better really soon.

The cord was wrapped around Duncan's neck too, so I know how that can be a little bit scarry. Had epidural troubles too. They had to try 3 times before they got it in correctly. I am hoping this time goes much more smoothly for me.

Anonymous said...

The Ferrells are a beautiful bunch!! Boog looks so happy and Grace is beaming, and mom of course u always look great....we are very happy for all of you!! Much love Jodi

Andi said...

What great was good to see y'all and hold Sophie she is such a doll! If there is anything else I can do please let me know.

Having It All said...

SO sweet!

Stephanie said...

Oh gosh Flo...glad it all turned out ok! Grace looks likes she is beaming in that picture of her meeting Sophie! Too precious.

Glad you are all ok....and I hope you are feeling lots better. I'll call this weekend to check on you once you get really settled in and have a few days of recovery behind you.

Heather said...

I loved seeing all of the pics of sweet Sophie. She is beautiful, your glow is beautiful, and pics of Grace as a big sis are beautiful!! I'm so sorry about the horrible epidural experience & migraine. I have migraines and they are just like you described...AWFUL!! Mine started when I was pregnant with Brooks. They were so bad & frequent that I had to see a neurologist in Seattle. I pray that those will not be a part of my next pregnancy.

Anutara said...

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you and your family. Sophie is so beautiful. I miss you all and I hope I get to see Sophie in person soon! I haven't seen Grace since she was a baby! Take care.

Your cousin in NJ,

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