Thursday, January 15, 2009

Let's Get This Party Started!....(Sooner Than I Thought!)

The Dr. said I'm now 3 cm dialated and if I don't go naturally over the next 5 days, we're inducing on Tuesday!

TUESDAY? Yes, Tuesday. That's 5 - count'em - 5 days away and I'll officially be a mother of two. That's a bit scary! I'm beginning to worry if I've forgotten how to do it.....oh, and remembering those days when they would just cry and you wouldn't know what was wrong because they were too little to tell you........and what if they didn't catch something on the ultrasound?

I could drive myself crazy, but ready or not, here SOPHIE comes! : ) I'm so ready to see what she looks like!

I guess I better let my school know that tomorrow is probably going to be my last day for a while.

I'll keep you updated.


Stephanie said...

SOOOOO EXCITING Flo!!! I can't believe you are going to be a mom of 2 either.....weren't we just a couple of carefree kids sitting at the Chicken eating Texas toothpicks and drinking sangria after semester exams not that long ago?? It sure seems like it!! : )

Maybe our summer trip should be the good ol' town of College Station, Texas!!! I don't know if the kids (and by kids I mean Grace, Sophie and Scotlyn and not Mark and Chip!!!) would have much fun though. They would probably like a water park MUCH better!! ; )

Well, enjoy your last few days as a mommy of just 1 little girl!! Keep us posted if anything changes!!

The Garners said...

This is very exciting!!! You'll do great and the second Sophie arrives I promise it will feel like she's been part of your family forever! You're going to have a little live-in nanny with Grace around--you'll be fine!!! :)

Praying everything goes perfectly. My friend Kelly (Kelly's Korner Blog--don't know if you follow it?) is going in to be induced in the morning. I just love following these baby stories!

Kelly said...

Oh you are going to have her very soon!!!!! So exciting!!!!!

Heather said...

YEA Flo..can't wait to see sweet Sophie!! I bet Grace is chomping at the bit for her arrival. So happy for you guys. Hugs and love!!

Keri said...

Bri said I had to take her out of school when you went in.

As Rance says, "ah man!" The 20th huh? Just 3 days shy. Oh well, close enough.

Can you tell we are all ready for Miss Sophie to get her? Call me. Seriously, call me!

Anonymous said...

Flo...I can't wait to see little Sophie Ferrell!!! She will be beautiful just like her big sis and u will love to watch Grace stepping into the big sister roll! Yes your days will be a little crazier, but double the fun!! You are in our thoughts and prayers! You will be great...luv ya bunches!!!!!!! Jodi

Allison said...

Oh I am just SO excited for you guys!!! Sophie is going to be blessed with the most precious family God could have given her! I can' wait to get word that she is officially on the way!

Praying for all of you!


The Keltons said...

How exciting. I can't wait to see pictures of Sophie and here how it's going with two kiddos.

JMass said...

We are all so excited for you and your family!

Andi said...

How exciting is that! Is just seems like yesterday you told everyone y'all were blessed with another child. I can't wait to meet Sophie! You better let me know if something happens before Tuesday!!!

Lil' Chris' Mom said...

I just found your blog and wanted to say that I am due Jan 29th! My dr said that I am 3cm and 50% effaced. Who knows, maybe we'll go on the same day:) Look forward to getting to know you! This is my second child too!

The Garners said...

How are you feeling!?!?!?!?!?! Thinking of you!!

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