Tuesday, April 28, 2009

32 is so....

.... boring! My birthday came and went, and so far, 32 hasn't been that impressive.

It's nowhere's-ville.
I'm not old, but I'm not young.
I'm not mid-thirties, but I'm not a new-thirty either.
I'm young enough to have small children, but old enough to not be able to use "new-mom" as an excuse for my daily mistakes in childrearing.
I'm young enough to have a buff, toned physique, but old enough to not be able to get it without some serious child or husband-neglect.

Speaking of Buff, Toned Physique, does anyone get the Athleta catalogue? Talk about BUFF! Those gals inspire......plus, the clothes are super cute.

I love this swimsuit cover-up.

And I love their mix & match swim suits...

I plan on getting on that BUFF-TONED physique right after TAKS!


Allison said...

I am sending up prayers for you this week with TAKS! And I feel you on getting toned...I got the eating healthy part almost down, but the next step is exercise.

Keri said...

Yes! I get those catalogues. They are really great but way out of my price range. Not very good sales either. But still fun to look at.

JMass said...

I'm with ya on being 32! Happy Belated Birthday!

Andi said...

OMG! I feel so crappy...I have your birthday on my calendar and it totally slipped my mind. I hope you had a wonderful day! Sorry i'm a bad friend!

I bet your glad taks is over...PayBo seems to think he did pretty good. He said the math was easy. He said the first reading passage was a little hard but he thought he did pretty good. I hope he did!

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