Saturday, April 25, 2009

I Said I'd Never Do It....

....but I seem to be going against alot of what I 'said' I would do lately. Namely?

1) I said the battle against my Sophie-girth would begin April 1st. Here it is, April 25th, and not a single day of working out has begun. Now...I say, wait until after TAKS!

2) I said I would never have a patsy-baby. I loathed pacifiers.
But Sophie? She likes them. She uses them. And I let her.

3) And finally....I said that Grace wouldn't play organized anything for a loooong time because I don't want to over-schedule her. I still say that. I definitely want Grace to see the beauty in free-time and creative play outside, not "we have to be here", "we have to be there" all that time. BUT......when Grace got so excited at the thought of running around bases while mommy & daddy watch and cheer her on, I couldn't say no.

And thus....the princess plays t-ball.
In a dress and a pink helmet.


Baylie Incognito said...

aww,...she's so cute! lol (:

Andi said...


Jenna said...

Love it!

Stephanie said... the last pic.....LOVE.IT.

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