Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I Know That....

1. ....when I go to worship on Sunday morning and feel like a dry sponge - when every song, word, verse, or melody is so refreshing. I know I haven't spent enough time in God's word.

2. ......when I start trying to "people please" or look to others for my confidence. I know I haven't spent enough time just hanging out with God.

3. ...... when my mind gets hung up on life stuff. Wrapped around and involved to the point of total saturation. I know that's one of Satan's tools to keep my mind too busy for anything else.

4. .......when I start feeling like my prayers hit a glass ceiling. I know it's because I haven't drawn near to Him in quite a while.

Do you ever feel this way? That's how I've felt this week. Really, for the past few months. I still haven't "fiercely protected" my time with the Lord. In fact, I haven't protected it at all.......maybe I'm looking for excuses (Sophie, life, our "home" situation......) but regardless, they're all excuses.

I'm trying not to beat myself up. BUT when I haven't felt the desire to have those quality times with God, it scares me. I'm glad it scares me!

Anyway, I'm just posting my own streams of conciousness.....thought I might share them.
BTW....a tearful, heartwarming post today from Angie who lost her daughter on this day last year. The sweet pictures say it all....


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