Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ain't No Sunshine When They're Gone....

My hubs must have been very lonely....or bored...or just sweet. : ) This past week, the girls and I went to Waco to spend a few days with my sis before all the hub-bub of school starts. We left hubs at home while he started his first week of "2-a-days". He's a man of, well, several words, but he also is a man who enjoys writing. In fact, when we first met, some of our first "deep professions" of our love for each other were via letters. Now, we stick to posters, lipstick notes on the bathroom mirrors, or just good ol' two second phone calls. They're not all professions of our love, but hey, that's life, right?

The last posterboard love note I received was back in college. I had been traveling abroad in Italy, and we'd been dating just short enough to where 2 weeks away from each other left us love-sick-pups. I exited the plane to find Boog, standing in the crowds of people who were waiting on their own loved ones, holding a huge poster saying, "Help! I'm looking for the most beautiful girl in the world...." something, something, something (I can't remember...I've had kids since then!)
Anyhoo, you get the point. He's a bit of a romantic. It felt very much like a movie -Meg Ryan, him- Tom Hanks. Straight up Nora Ephron......

But wait.....I thought for a second this past week. WHO AM I KIDDING? This poster wasn't really for me. He didn't miss me.......not that much anyway. This poster was for these little cuties below. His heart's been taken over!
Can You Blame Him?

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