Thursday, July 30, 2009

More of Monet-Grace

Grace's Landscape Portrait

Yet another frame-worthy piece that Grace did at art camp a few weeks back. This one was much smaller and she finished it in the 2 hour time period of her class. It was based on one of Monet's landscape portraits. I thought it was....perfect.

So, off I go to get it (and the other big one she did) framed. Naturally, my 'champagne taste on a kool-aid budget' kicked in (as it always does) and for the large portrait, I picked one of the most expensive custom frames they had. Ugh! But it's well worth it, so I ordered the work done. This little frame, however, was pre-made and on discount, so I snagged it for a nifty $27.
Not bad!
But I just never fails. I always fall in love with the most expensive things. I remember buying a G. Harvey print for my husband for Christmas a few years ago. It was huge. So I toted it down to a framing store in Dallas and after carefully choosing the frame and matte, the foreign lady behind the counter said, "Tsk, expensive taste lady!"

I already knew that.
After all, that IS why I got into the teaching profession.


Keri said...

You can make prints and sell them like the big artists. Make sure they are numbered, but not too many.

Great job Gracie!

The Garners said...

LOVE it!

Stephanie said...

That girl has got some talent!!!

Love. it.

The Keltons said...

What a great painting. She must have her mom's artistic ability!

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