Saturday, July 25, 2009

"How Can I Not Kill Them?"

....were the exact words I used this morning at our local nursery. Plant nursery, that is. I have no green thumb. In fact, I have the exact opposite of a green it a red thumb. It's dangerous. It's cruel. In fact, I'm quite sure my thumb is on the "Most Wanted" list in the plant community for killing all their friends.

I asked the man at the counter if he would give workshops, or lessons, or anything that could help me improve my thumb. His resonse? "I would....but I cuss too much."


So, here are the little babies for my screened in porch. I haven't finished our house, much less the yard, or even much less....attacked the space in our screened in porch. So a couple plants are my feeble attempt at trying to "pretty" it up until I can find more time. Hmmmmmm......looks like I'm going to need some help.

My Attempt at "Rooting" Them.
I had not idea what that meant until the cussing man told me.

Wish me....I mean, them....luck!


The Garners said...

Good luck! I wish we had a screened in porch--seems like such a relaxing area!

beechembrightspots said...

I love reading your blog! You are so witty!

JMass said...

"the cussing man".....that's hilarious!

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