Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wanna Getaway?

A La France

I don't know why, but on the day God dealt out blessings on Florence's life, he gave an extra helping to the marriage section. ; ) I'm very thankful for that. But sometimes it needs a little TLC. Whenever we notice our conversations consisting mostly of "What time do we need to be at ____?" or "We need to fix this." or "Can you give the girls a bath?" ....all that daily life mumbo-jumbo....we try to get away. A little date here. A lunch there. A night away when possible. Something to where we keep connected by more than our schedules.

We've found the perfect place to steal away for a night. It's called the 7F Lodge. Featured in Southern Living, it's located just outside of Aggieland (Whoop!) in Wellbourne, Texas, and it's just the right getaway. No TV, no distractions. Just these cute little shacks named like the section of the world they are designed like - France, Mexico, Texas Hill Country, etc. - with oodles and oodles of ambiance and quietness. When you step in the doors, you want to read books, soak in the tub, and take long, deep breaths of relaxation.

We've stayed in almost every one, but our favorite is this one - France.
The Gorgeous Room

The Little Kitchen w/Cute Snacks

This Didn't Come With the Room, but We ALWAYS get a Strawberry Tart (to go!) from Cafe Excel in Aggieland

If it weren't for our gracious family, who keeps our darling children while we go on these little getaways, we probably couldn't go. But thankfully, they don't mind. And Boog & I are always reminded why it was that we married each other....and that hey - we still kinda like each other! So if you need a little TLC with your hubby, or wife, book a stay. You won't regret it!


The Garners said...

This sounds wonderful!!! And something I feel like I am in need of!!!! I was thinking just this week that the last time Lane and I went anywhere alone (and the last time I think I had a night away with absolutely no kid-duties) was March of LAST year! :( I'm really feeling like a little break would be refreshing. Everyone needs a break, right!?

I'm glad y'all were able to get away. I'm sure your families were more than happy to keep those cutie-pie girls for you!!!

Oh, and please pass the strawberry tart...yum! :)

JMass said...

So nice!

The Allens said...

We have stayed at several B&B's in that area and we have wanted to stay at 7F, but haven't gotten to yet. It's on the list!

carolyn said...

It looks divine!!

And don't get me started on that tart. YUM!

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