Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Florence Ferrell is....Needing some Girl Time.

Call it a mid-summer-life crisis.
Call it a mommyneedsadultconversation moment.
Call it whatever you want.
I call it..... a desperate need for something like this:

A night away. Coffee at a place that starts with S and ends in "bucks". A few friends who don't mind ditching their family for an evening. Add one person who can bring the witty banter. Take away one person that stays on their iPhone all night (Ang, you're out!). Maybe a stop at some place that takes my money and gives me cute shoes in return. And there.
A perfectly fun girl night.

It's time.


beechembrightspots said...

That's funny! And what day during the next MONTH do you have in mind? It seems my days are all accounted for already... I LOVE the picture of Sophie chowing down on the chicken bone, by the way. That is amazing! :)

Dede said...

If I could I'd be right there with ya!! I love staying caught up with you & your fam and the house (looks fabuloso by the way!--you've inspired me--thinking chalkboard pantry door pretty soon). I can't believe Sophie is already 6 months. Wow! You're girls are precious. Please tell Boog hello for us. xoxo

Jenna said...

Let me know what day!:)

Andi said...

Hey I am always ready for some girl time!!!

Keri said...

It's been how long since our last outing? Now that's too long.

Count me in!

JMass said...


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