Sunday, November 8, 2009

So We're Building....

Thar She Stands

A well house. The lifesource liquid that flows 540ft down below on our land will be quite, er, safe this winter now that it has a warm house to call its own. I'm quite jealous. At least we have a subject to test out paint colors and such.....

Boog & I have decided to put off building for a few more years in order to continue saving. I had Boog take pictures of our land in the fall, leaves all brown and crispy, to remind us that patience is a virtue. We've gotten this far, we can wait some more. So for now, we'll have to enjoy it with good ol'fashioned weenie roasts, camp-outs, s'mores, and all that comes with nature. Anyone want to come?

The Road

The House Spot

Grace, at Mimi & Papa's Just Down the Road

What a Sunset!


Jenna said...

It will be so worth the wait I am sure! Loved getting to hang out with you the other night!

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