Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pepper Rally

Grace and Her Buddies....All Boys
Pepper Rally - as she calls it. Add that in with her recent rendition of an American classic "Jose Can You See" and I'm sort of scratching my head wondering what kind of language they're teaching in First Grade!

Pep rallys used to be so much fun. I remember not being able to wait until last period....being nervous about the cheer we just learned....trying to position myself right in front of that cute guy.....and hitting up the Dixie Maid for a treat afterwards. Those were the days.

I'm not exactly sure if pep rallys are such the big deal anymore. They are still fun to watch ....cheerleaders can do WAY more stunts and flips these days (darn it...my cartwheel/roundoff combo would not make the cut anymore!) and the band still can make you start movin' and groovin'.

But I wonder if the students these days are still into that spirit stuff. I should ask my hubs, since he's got his thumb on them from 8-3 each day. Anyhoo, I know one little lady who loves them. That's Miss Grace. Those pepper rally's are way cool.

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