Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas at 7 and 3....

I have to say, this probably was one of my favorite Christmas mornings. The girls are just at that great age....the age where everything is magical and going to bed on Christmas Eve is next to impossible. And Sophie was just the cutest bunches of oats once she finally figured out what was going on!

Grace's Hallway Run...

Sophie's Hallway Run...
Santa visited. This year there was no "big gift". We wondered how the girls would respond, and as always, it turned out to be something that us 'ol folks worried about for no reason. Coloring books, some clothes, a game or two.....all were a hit.

That microphone produces some of the most annoying sounds ever, but hilarious they are!

I hope your Christmas was full of wonderful memories, as well. Happy Holidays!!


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