Friday, January 27, 2012

Client Piece & SALE!

Winnie & Tulula's is having a pretty huge sale for 4 days only!! Feb 1-4.....every booth (including mine) will be discounted 20-50% off! I already purchased a buffet for half off from another vendor that I'll be redoing! Love, love.....

And finally, a client piece is finished - one more to go. This sweet little dresser was just dyin' to be green.

And green she became. (No staging shots here, keepin' it for realz.....)

I always get a little nervous painting for people. I wonder will they like this? or that? or is this distressed too much? or too little? To be honest, it's easier for me to create what I want, and people just buy if they like. Hopefully, this will be exactly what my client was imagining it would be~


Twice Nice said...

Love that green, and seeing more of it around the blogs makes me smile! I know what you mean about client orders vs. just doing your thing and waiting for the sale. It's always so much scarier! Love your work.

Vintage and Company said...

It's perfect!

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