Friday, August 23, 2013

Love Us Some Rolex!

 This second week here, as my hub tackled the world of international ministry, I tackled the art of homeschooling.  Talk about a breeze.  Going from teaching 20 to teaching 2?  Candy from a baby, people. Grace loves going at her own pace, and Sophie loves learning off the iPad (having it READ books to her...GENIOUS!!)  We even scheduled in time for my girls and I to help out at a local babies' home.

In fact, the hardest part of our school day got it - lunch.  Where are my cafeteria ladies? This is not America where you can pop something in the microwave. Peanut butter here is for the birds.  Leafy produce is sketchy because I don't trust myself to clean it properly. Deli meat? Don't even think about it. Not available or way too expensive if it is.

So eliminating every quick fix food item I know and short of having to prepare and cook a full on meal everyday - what's a mom to do?  Enter ROLEX.

Oh my. Our sweet friend, Ruth (above), offered to make us some homemade Rolexes after she heard we had been buying them off the street. At 2000 shilling (less than $1), these babies are greatness no matter how you get them!  But hers......oh my.  It's chipate (a thick tortilla that's common here), fried eggs, tomatoes and seasoning all rolled up into a huge burrito-like concoction.

 Number 1 Fan!

And I would be remiss to mention my near 2 year addiction now to the greatness that is Africana tea. It's sanity in a cup. It's my best liquid friend.  It's a lifesaver in a day where I wake up to ants on my toothbrush, my bath's water pressure is more like someone spitting on my head, and I'm on mosquito bite #10 for the day with no malaria meds in my system.

Oh Africa. Why is it so hard for me to settle in this time?
I ask myself this daily.
Then I answer.

Because I just need to give of myself while here and know there's things to be learned from this experience. And sometimes, we just have to say "yes" and trust that the reason may not be known for years....or ever.

Up next for me? More homeschool. Helping out in the Bwerenga schools when they are back in session in two weeks. Figuring out the best way I can help the overworked teachers at one of our facilities. And most importantly, loving my hubs who is working so hard each day.

My homeschool gals....


Boog said...

Babe. You Rock. AND You're rock solid. Thank you for your long suffering courage, love, good looks and unmatched good humor. I love you.

Anonymous said...

Brad and I read this on our date night and laughed and sniffled with all y'all. You are exactly where you are supposed to and secure in the fiery heart of Christ, becoming more beautiful each day as you are transformed into His image. We LOVE how He manifests through your family! Love, Jenny

Janelle said...

Love, love, love!!! I am praying for you, in all areas!! So thrilled for you on many levels - what amazing, life-changing memories you are making!! So proud of your faithfulness!! God is going to do amazing things through you and your family over there!!!
Miss you, hog those girls!!

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