Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Heart Check

She is the outcast of an outcasted group. Unable to speak the local language, she is mostly silent.  She waits patiently for food and care, not demanding a thing.  Her tomorrow is unknown, only focusing on today.  But.  (Oh...the but!) Her bright eyes glow after receiving a smile or, in my case, wind from a fan I made out of the cover of a coloring book. Her smile is large. Her patience is a virtue. She is not broken.

I love 60 Feet for the fact that this organization will pursue her interest. She will receive care, medical  help, weekly love, and eventually...hopefully....a future as bright as her eyes.

This is why, after nearly 2 months of being here, I had a heart check.  I made a mental thank you to God for His answered prayers. I needed community, He provided. I wanted my girls to feel at home, He provided. I asked to feel comfortable here, He provided.  But now that we are settled, it's time to refocus my heart.

This girl above, these pictures's just a glimpse into the beauty of being here.  I'm growing to love the faces of not just the children, but the stoic faces (or sometimes huge, broad smiles) of the Ugandans on the streets, on their bodas, or in the market.  I love to hear their stories....the way this Mama has 9 children with a full-time job caring for 25 orphans...or that friend who couldn't officially marry his wife in the end because he couldn't provide the this single father of two daughters works diligently everyday and uses his $150/month salary to send his girls to the best private school he can afford, only allowing himself to say, "It is hard."

They are everywhere, these stories.  Inspiring me to check my "self" at the door, complain a little less, and focus on the work that is to do here.  My job is a little less stressful .... my weeks usually consist of homeschooling my girls, helping at a baby's home,and the Bwerenga village school.  But my husband and the 60 Feet staff work tirelessly each day to get one step closer towards a positive future for the girl above and so many others.

 Where's Waldo? Sophie learning about the bible from a friend.

Sweet Worship of a Child

Homeschoolin' with my Homey

Sophie at Homeschool Co-op with soccer Coach Davis (Head bumper!)


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