Friday, June 6, 2014

5 Things

Since we are nearing a close to our year in Africa, I asked the girls a few questions.

To Sophie, I asked: "What are 5 things you like most about Africa?"
She replied:
1) Our dogs Crusket and Cocoa
2) We got to have teams come over and make new friends with them
3) Sissy & I get to play a lot
4) I got to ride a horse
5) I learned how to spell and write my name

In the eyes of a 5 year old, I can imagine these things WERE a pretty big deal.  Sophie has adjusted the easiest to living here out of all of us.  Youth is on her side because, really, wherever we are is home.  So "home" was here in Uganda. She can't even remember what her bedroom at our real home looks like!

To Grace, I asked two things.
First, "What are 5 things you did this year that you never thought you'd do?"
She replied:
1) Get to stand on the Equator
2) Go serve at Loving Hearts Babies' Home
3) Take care of turtles (we have two)
4) Swing on awesome tree swings
5) Have my own personal library

Then I asked, "What are 5 things you'll miss about Africa?"
She replied:
1) Mama Catherine's food (obviously!)
2) All the babies I take care of at Loving Hearts
3) Our cool house
4) All the animals at our house (dogs, turtles, chameleons, birds, etc.)
5) The new friends I've made

So Grace, as you can tell, loved Wednesdays so much. Me, too, actually.  That was the day we went and worked at a babies' home here in Kampala.  Precious, precious, precious...we both will miss those dear hearts more than we know.   She learned how to feed a newborn, change diapers, handle crying/fussing babies, and keep little ones from hurting themselves.  When we were there, oftentimes, the "mamas" would use that time and take a few moments to rest and take tea....a much needed break during their long days.  We didn't mind at all & were happy to help.

I know there's NO WAY Boog and I can make our "5" list.  It's crazy to know that I will actually miss getting our vehicle haphhazardly checked for bombs everytime we go grocery shopping, or people calling both my daughters "babies" wherever we go, or the insane traffic that I love to drive in, or that I will actually miss having to prepare every meal from scratch.  But we will miss so much....a lot of it will simply be the sweet times we've had with the 60 Feet staff and the community we have with them.  It's pretty amazing how God designed this year - full of sweet times, tough times, times of nourishment and times to nourish others.  Feeling a little sad to leave it.

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