Friday, August 21, 2009

Bullet Point Post...It's Been THAT Kind of Week!

If you've read my blog for any amount of time, you know that I do not enjoy reading, nor writing posts that don't include pictures. I mean, come on people! 99.9953432% of people these days are visual learners. Want me to know more about you? Well, then post a picture.

But this week. No pics. In fact, I'm doing good to post. It's been that kind of week. So here it is....the infamous random thoughts bullet-style post. It doesn't get any worse than this, guys.

* I'm over at a friend's house tonight, starting our "Co-op Babysitting" program. "Whazzat?" you say? In short, hubs & I watch other couple's kids, and ours, while other couple goes out on a much needed date. Later on this month, other couple watches our kids, and their own, while hubs & I have a date night. (Not a bad idea, huh?) Beats paying $30 for a baby-sitter or asking the 'ol relatives (whom I'm sure by now have caller ID installed just for those "Can you watch the kids?" moments).
* I'm watching my sweet, newly hair-cutted daughter sleep on other couple's couch. She's all played out. I'm wondering how in the world kindergarten came so quick. And her's not a pudgy nose anymore. It's a real girl nose. Grown. Up. Big. ........ Sad. : (
*I'm wondering why I couldn't come up with any bedtime story to tell her as she fell off to nodsville. How do I not know any bedtime stories by heart????
* Hubs left Co-op babysitting program early because Sophie was running a fever. A week at daycare and already a fever. Sigh......
* New school year starts on Monday. (Pics to come of that soon!) Still love my fellow teachers & staff....they make me laugh and feel like I'm 25 again. What work place does that anymore?
* Jon & Kate. I thought they were much smarter than they turned out to be.
* I'm missing Sophie. Glad tomorrow's Saturday.
* I'm dreading grocery shopping tomorrow. I've got a bare pantry, so it'll be a full-buggy day.
* I'm trying not to beat myself up for deciding not to attend Wednesday night church activities this Fall......I'm just not gonna put Sophie in daycare all day, and then in the church nursery at night.....not gonna do it.
* And in 1000 sq. ft. has its perks. I cleaned the house in 45 minutes flat the other day, including mopping. Not too shabby said the pig!

Picture-less post, fin-i-to!


The Allens said...

I agree about Jon and Kate. Even though I've never seen the show, I have followed the story and have been very upset by their choices.

I can see the benefits of the smaller house and less stuff!

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