Monday, January 4, 2010

The One Fish In The Sea....

.......okay, the lake, that I'll eat is tilapia. I'm so not a seafood eater. Shrimp disgusts me. Just the feel of it's plump, membraney self ....yeeechhhh. And lobster? Fuhgetaboutit. Lake food isn't too much better. Crawfish? Just thinking about what that stuff is that oozes out of it's rear (forgive me) is nastiness personified. I will eat catfish, but I stick with the boneless fillets and douse it in tons of ketchup to mask the lake-i-ness.

But tilapia. Not lakey-tasting at all! Paired with veggies and rice, it actually makes me feel healthy when eating it. Even with all the butter that I fry it with....
If you haven't tried it, give it a chance. It's pretty good!
Little Lawrys & pepper....sauteed in butter, 3 min. or so on each side....mmmmm!

Sauteed red bell peppers, squash & zucchinni

Sauce for the fish...this is good stuff!

steamed rice....voila!

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