Friday, January 15, 2010

The S Word.

This week has been a rather, er, how'd you say it.....sucky week. I can't help it. It just has. Not that everything was bad, but it's been hectic and restless. Sophie's been sick, up all night. Grace's cough & sniffles look like they are here to stay. Friends have lost loved ones. Haiti...gosh, Haiti. And to boot, when my hubs polled his 75 freshman whether or not they cared about the Haitians in crisis, sadly, I think 15 or so said they didn't care at all. Gosh. That does not bode well for the future of our country.

So, to sum it all up, I could post about all that or.....I could pretend it will all fix itself and post about something fun. I choose the latter for tonight. many of you know this woman? The Pioneer Woman? She's pretty popular in the blogosphere and my sweet "sista' kind a miss' er" bought her new cookbook for me for Christmas. Now, I think I'm a pretty okay cook. Not the best, not the worst. But, if there's one thing that's plagued me lately, it's a case of the same'ol, same 'ol. I just haven't been inspired to make anything other than the norm (enter in spaghetti, some type of chicken casserole, taco soup, ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh). Well, tonight I sat down and actually read this book/cookbook and I gotta say - I'm inspired now. I love Pioneer Woman's story. Her love of all things "cowboy". Her self-depricating style. Her country cool. And the photos! If you can't fall in love with a cowboy simultaneously holding his two year old son while roping a calf.......or ranch hands on their horses at sunrise.....then just don't open this book. Go get Julia Child's cookbook.

But I'm on a mission this week. And next week. I plan to cook one thing each week out of her book for a while. Maybe a dessert. Or a lunch......but one thing a week (hey, I'm a working woman). I'll let you know how they turn out. Or if they turn out! Hopefully, next week, won't be a, stinky week.


Jenna said...

You are so funny! I miss reading your blogs when you take a break!:) I looked at her blog the other day...let me know when you are going to try making her cinnamon rolls so I can just decide to stop by!

Stephanie said... HAVE to (please) tell me if The Pioneer Woman's stuff is pretty easy to make. I always thought her recipes looked like they would take a while to make. Let me know if it's any good!

Hope next week is better for you. Sick kids are NO FUN! : ( Hope Grace and Sophie feel better soon.

beechembrightspots said...

I can't wait to hear how the recipes go. I've been trying to cook new recipes the last few weeks too. I got the idea from some blog that had a "cook from the pantry" for the month of January. So I pulled out some of my favorite cookbooks and have been trying to cook more. I made homemade beef stew this week for the first time and it was YUMMY!

And Jenna's idea of the cinnamon rolls sounds great...I'd like to try them too.

Keri said...

I'm just right around the corner, down the street, turn left, from ya. Hollar if you need a break.

Heather said...

Flo, I love her too & really want her cookbook. I made one of her shrimp pasta dishes for Jamie last year when she came to visit and it was fabulous. Can't wait to see how this turns out for you. There's a great recipe on her blog right now for apple dumplings(I think) made with mountain dew.

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