Friday, October 14, 2011

"My American Mother"

It's 5:15 am in Uganda. It's 9:30 pm here. Right about now, the Muslim call to worship would be sounding over the town speakers.....the roosters would be crowing.....a baby would be crying in one of the nearby slum villages. My friend, Emmanuel, just 15, would be waking in his children's home - the only home he's known. He would start his morning prayer and then get ready to ride in the back of an open truck to his school.

I know this because I saw it. I heard it. And from what my friend Emmanuel says, it's what he does everyday.....and has done everyday....since he came to live at Canaan Children's Home.

"Kisses from Katie" has stirred my mind. It's brought back the severe memories of poverty. Of dirt floored homes and babies with distended bellies. Of bare feet and fevered malaria. It also has brought to mind the beautiful smiles and gorgeous worship. Of reliance on God. Of the rawness that comes with no distractions.

It also has brought to mind "help the one in front of you." - which is Katie's motto, if you will.

Lately, I've messaged back and forth on, yes, Facebook, with Emmanuel a few, short times. I have NO idea how he found me, but he did. I have no idea how he has access to FB, but he does. And I have NO idea why he chooses to say things like, "God bless you" and "I am great you are my American mother thanks". (Bless me???) He's an amazing kid.....

I've also been thinking alot about Charlie. A baby boy at an American orphanage in Uganda. He's in the video below (in the yellow diaper and shoes!). A doll. I couldn't stand to leave him that day. I remember peeking into the window of the home, for one last look at him, before we left.....

I am longing to find the answers to my thoughts. They never end. Especially on weeks like this one, where, try my best, teaching just gets harder and harder. Not because of the kiddos, but because of the true lack of good parenting going on in our country. I'm not sure which is better - to be orphaned or to be raised in complete homelife disarray.

.......answers to the thoughts, please? I need to dive in the Word.


Brett said...

Flo - you would be a woman beyond riches if you could find answers your questions. The fact that you have all those questions floating through your mind speaks volumes about the wonderful mother and teacher that you are. You teach and mother with all your heart, hence your frustrations with those who do not.
Little Charlie reminds me so much of my Cate walking around with her Crocs on the wrong feet, only her's are bright orange. So many differences, yet his actions, movements, mannerisms are so much like my 2 year old who has been blessed to grow up in such a different environment.
I can feel your struggles through the words in your posts, but please know that your journey has helped my eyes and heart see and feel things a lot differently. It has also opened my heart to hear some things that God has been trying to get me to hear for a while. I know you feel helpless in what you can do, but please know that there are good things happening that you (and all on your trip) have put into motion!

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