Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Blown Away!

I kinda am!.....Blown away, I mean. That last post about finances triggered more emails and wonderful email convos than I ever, ever would have thought. So many people were open and wonderfully honest about their situations....their habits....and were obviously excited about the steps they had already taken, and were about to take, to get back on track financially.

It IS all God's. He wants us to use any blessing He gives us (our health, our children, our very breath) to glorify Him......easy enough said, harder to be done. I tell you, that sneaky, sneaky green "money" issue is one of the hardest blessings to ever relinquish fully as His. To this very day, I like to think of it as mine. I earned it...what can I do with it that would make me "happy"? That really has been my thought process in the first two decades of my life. Thankfully, God....Africa....friends......have slowly started renewing my mind as to how can we, as a family, can use His money in a way that glorifies Him. Quit being wasteful ......start figuring out ways we can help those that are close to His heart....widows, orphans, the needy.....the least of these.

I'm not anywhere close to where I want to be in that endeavor. We're just starting down this road, and could use some guidance of our own. But getting a balanced budget, to ease minds and marriages, which frees up more room for thought on how to use His money wisely......it's just a win/win.

Budget helpers!

Cheap forms of entertainment - a $30 garage sale ping pong table!
Thanks for your comments and honesty!!


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