Sunday, November 20, 2011

Football Season = Sad Booth....

I hadn't paid attention to my booth all football season. With daddy gone coachin', momma didn't go junkin'. Sales creative muses were taking a seasonal nap......I was facing the decision of could I, should I, try and keep this up?

So. With the final loss of our football team Friday night (dare I place a happy face ?... : ) ....I dareth), my reinforcement came, and I went straight to Winnie & Tulula's and did my best to Christmas it up with the few items I had in storage.

I know alot more now about how football season will affect my ability to go and do for this 'bidness. Maybe I can sustain myself better next year.....

One great bit of news though - $900 has been donated so far (whether through sales or painting services) to the organizations of Amazima and Sixty Feet. That's a holiday cheer right there!

30 % off all furniture, now through the holidays!


Vintage and Company said...

Your booth still looks full Flo! It was great to see you and the girls on Saturday! Happy painting to you!

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