Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Savin' Bundles!

Ok. So this post is not quite "Extreme Coupon" worthy, but it's about as close to it as this workin' gal is going to get. My sweet friend introduced me to a lady that makes a little extra cash each month by selling rolls of each week's newspaper inserts for different grocery stores. I'm talkin' wayyy different. Stores I've never heard of, and of course, some that I have.

You make your list, keep it organized, take it to "Wally world" where they will price match. It was really easy and took all the 'complexities' out of those supersaver couponers. (I really don't have the time to mail in rebates or drive to 3 different stores....!) Now some of you have probably been doing this for ages, but me? This past week was my first time.


I bought all this.....name brand stuff folks (not the off/off brands that taste like drywall)....

for under $100. Do you see those two bags of frozen chicken breasts? (2 for $10). Do you see those Capri Suns? ( $1.79) Do you see that Dial? ($1.67) DigGiorno pizza? ($3.98)

I probably saved close $50 and I didn't even try very hard. Maybe an extra 30 minutes.

I even went shopping with this one. I earn an award.

This week, my Walmart bill was $78.
I lurve this.

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