Monday, February 13, 2012

Sixty Feet Weekend

Saturated with rich experiences. United with one heart.

Deepening of friendships. Beginning new ones, as well.

That's just a small sampling of how I would describe this past weekend. My hubs and I flew to Atlanta, Georgia, to see the premiere of Sixty Feet's new movie "Beloved" and meet the team behind it all. To say that we were blessed is a drastic understatement.

We were thrust into a world of like minds. Regardless of age, income, race, or background, all of us were together in support of an organization who backs up their mission with integrity, heart, and a huge dose of crazy fun.

I was immediately 'hugged' into friendship from Day 1. The first night, an open door at a stranger's home led to instant hopping, screaming, and 'neck hugging galore', as my hubs and I were treated to food and fellowship with the Sixty Feet board members and other guests. I was a bit taken aback! Yes, I knew they would be nice.....but instant crazy nice? Instant hugs and laughter? Instant friendship and shared stories of how God has worked in amazing ways? Follow that up with prayer and worship while sneaking a peak at tiny faces staring down from the hallway above......

That led to even more food and fellowship the rest of the weekend. My husband bonded while running in the ATL with a new friend (of course!) and I just sat back in amazement while each story with a new friend turned into something much deeper than 'just a conversation'.

Sixty Feet is an organziation that I'm so blessed to have gotten to know. It is integrity. It is heart. It is action. Visit their website if you want to know more

Instant friends - for real. My North Dakota gals!

Chick-fil-a fans! (their first #1 combo happened this weekend!)

Fellow ladies from my Uganda trip. Sweet, sweet...
Can we say Hu-Lar-E-Us?
Lucas and Colleen from My Ugly Couch blog.

Truly, richly blessed this weekend. Thanks guys.


The Fruitful Family said...

Girl-any time you need one of those neck squeezing kind of hugs, you know whose door to come knocking' on!! Loved being with you two. Just way too short and a little too crazy.

Heather said...

It WAS such a blessed weekend! It was great meeting you guys and hope that God will bring us back together someday : TX, ND, GA, UG, wherever!

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