Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Break.

My girls have been needing a break. Maybe their momma, too. You see, I have this thing ..... It's called "mother's intuition". It's relatively new. I'm sure my own mother missed out on hers, but somehow I can always sense things. Little stretches of truths, disappointments, if teeth have been brushed, and other whatnots.....

This time, my intuition told me that both my girls, especially the littlest, were needing some down time.

Sophie, at just 3, has shown us in her short life that tiredness affects her in ways I never have thought about really. It plays out in her physically .... Stuttering, eye blinking, worrying...... when I start to see these signs, I know - she needs some time off. Sometimes it'll be time in nature, which according to the"Last Child in the Woods" author, nature (or in my opinion God in nature) is a wonderful healer. Sometimes it might be a day or two off from school. ( perfect attendance is not high my priority list!)

Anyway. A break it has been. Some pedicured feet, some time at a museum, outside play, a movie ..... Just us girls.

At 7 and 3, they are fun buddies. I hope they remember these days...... And I hope my intuition only improves with time. I know I'll need it!


Yvette @ AquaSeventy6 said...

I love this post! We just had a little unplanned day off from school on Friday. I know the feeling of just needing a little break!

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