Wednesday, March 21, 2012


(photo courtesy of Amazima Blog)

This photo is uncomfortable to see.

Katie Davis, from Amazima Ministries, shows on her latest blog the triumphs and trials of the work in Uganda. Celebrating a year long effort of healing the 'town crazy man' from his burned leg and saving a soul in the process, all the while, nursing this 7 -year old, 20 pound boy back to health. His poor body ravaged from malnutrition and lack of basic health care.

Uncomfortable is a luxury most of us have. That prefix 'un' (uh-oh...the 4th grade teacher coming out in me....) means 'not' and put together - we feel 'not comfortable'. Meaning we were in comfort (a luxury), then suddenly from seeing disturbing images, or from being in a room full of strangers, or from sleeping on someone else's pillow - anything out of the norm can make us un-comfortable.

I think uncomfortable is a place we need to reside. To be a stranger to comfort in this world. I love that Job talks about 'when God's intimate friendship blessed his house'. The presence of God in his life made him do the uncomfortable ...."I was a father to the needy, I took up the case of a stranger, I broke the fangs of the wicked, and snatched victims from their teeth."

I doubt that Job, having had all his needs and desires met through fellowship with God, would have felt peace just sitting there, in his home, with no action for what concerns God. Someone recently said, "Advocacy is not action." I disagree. Advocacy is action..... Jesus advocates for us. Advocate for a mission you find that touches your soul.

Then.....paint the world with that brush through action with hands and feet.


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