Saturday, April 21, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt (Finally!)

This is my Egg Hunt post.  I know. It's about two weeks late.  Sigh......Also, to add icing on my pity-party cake, this post is so un-JenHatmaker- Easter conundrum-I'm not buying my kids new outfits.  (Actually, I didn't buy my children their MIL did...does that count?)  This post is shamelessly just about my kiddos. And their egg hunt. And my ability to put together an entire outfit out of my sister's hand me down donations....(God bless her!). ; )

Sophie, at 3, was fun interesting to watch.  She only wanted the plastic ones with candy, natch. She would walk past eggs right in front of her and pick up the ones that were hidden "tough" for the older girls.

 Grace, in her usual seriousness, got down to business. It wasn't a game. It was ON like Donkey Kong. She pretty much had this look on her face the entire time.....she'll be a Congresswoman someday. Or a principal.
 My girls loved hunting with their cousin Ella. Sweetness personified. I wonder when they'll be too old to hunt eggs?  Too soon, that's for sure. Hope you enjoyed these pictures because it took ten tries to get Sophie to smile in this one below. 


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