Monday, April 2, 2012

Things are Progressing!

Lately, it seems I can't keep my mind off of the 'to do' lists that taking my family to Africa for a summer has created. All these things are good....actually, wonderful.....burdens to have, but can I just take a moment here and freak out on ya'll a bit? ( I lack a better way to say it.)

Thanks. I will. Let's see....getting my girls' passports this week. Working on what all shots my littles will need, as well. Trying to track down old Vacation Bible School material. Figuring out how in the world we'll pay for all this. Getting emails that have the subject line "Bank account info needed" and not deleting them because I actually DO have to wire money to a foreign bank account. Oh...and my regular daytime superwoman job of teaching. And raising kiddos. And feeding my hubs. And doing laundry. (Which one of these can I slack on? .....l.a.u.n.d.r.y)

If it weren't for this heavenly couple below, then I would be 10, no 100, no 1,000,000 times more crazified than I am now. Colleen's family (hubs and their four children) will be our roommates for part of the time we are in Uganda. Can you imagine four adults and six kids all under the age of 10? We are in for it! a good way.

Thanks to her nimble skills, she has located a wonderful home, advised on many-a-flight info, settled my fears, and well - she's just been aawweeesome. I can't thank her enough. Ok, I can. If God has burdened you to help someone this month, find your way over to her blog. They are fundraising, as well, for their trip and every dollar counts. It does.

And if you've donated to our trip already, thank you - thank you - thank you. It means the world to us.


Kasumba Zake said...

You are so welcome to Uganda, there is nothing weird about this place just the natural beauty of the place. Hope you get to see all that beauty and enjoy the weather. Its really awesome, did I sound American enough there.

Colleen said...

Aw, FLO!!! You're so sweet. And you're crackin' me up with your excitement about bunking up with have NO idea what you've signed up for. :) I'm teasin...we're pretty fun...just LOUD! :)

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