Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Baby Class

I'm a teacher.  I love the summer because I get a tiny reprieve from teaching to restore my sanity.  But I must say, helping teach at the Hope International School in the Bwerenga Village this summer - well, it's a highlight of our mission trip for me. I love it.

This past Friday, I helped teach "The Baby Class". That's the name of it. Who wouldn't want to be a part of that preciousness?  The girls and I got up early and made the 45 minute drive to the village. I already knew so many of the kids, so to have them smile and wave saying, "Teacher Flo! Teacher Flo!"......well.
Thy. Heart. Melt. Right. Then.

The "Baby Class" consists of 43 three to four year olds. There was even one two-year-old. They were learning their primary colors in English that day. I would hold up a red cup and ask, "What color is this??"  I had about 20 kids yell out "Color Yellow!".  ; )   Nice.  We had some work to do.  I then asked them what were some things that were "red" in real life.....the babies looked at me and then said, "The cup!".  I walked right into that one, didn't I?

Anyway, the kids then set about to do their seat work.  I was a bit curious. Could these 3 year olds even write?  How? ... there were no desks to write ON.  The teacher then proved that she had it under control (as always).  She pulled 6 stools out, and literally, 6 kids at a time came to the stools and did their written work, which consisted of  HANDWRITTEN worksheets that matched shapes and some "shading" (coloring) practice.   What did the other 37 do while the 6 were working?  Wait patiently, of course. I think I need to come and learn from the teachers.

After the lesson was porridge break and then  recess, as the teachers took tea.

I kind of like it here.

One of the "Babies" taking her porridge.

The 43 Strong Baby Class

 Grace did a GREAT job helping the kids to their work.

 Their Anchor
 P.E. - Musical Chairs (with a drum)


Brett said...

Flo, I have been reading every post you write and crying like a baby (not atypical for me). I have kept myself from leaving blubering posts, but seeing sweet Grace helping - Oh, be still, my heart! You guys have no idea how many people you are touching both there and here as well!! I, for one, am so blessed by you and your family! Keep up the good work. We are sending lots of love and strength from the Big E-Town!!

The Garners said...

I loved this post, Flo, but the picture of Grace helping made me cry, too. So thankful y'all are doing well and having such a life-changing summer!

JMass said...

Love this, Flo!

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