Friday, July 6, 2012

Washing of the Feet Part II

Bwerenga Village is probably my favorite place to be here in Uganda.  The Hope International school is full of heart, sweet children,and loving teacher/mommas.  The way they nurture their kids to grow in God's love is pretty darn amazing.  But today, I was even more in awe.....

Sophie (above) took part in the washing of the shoes.  Mama Catherine trained all the kids she cares for to come home from school and wash and dry their shoes & socks, which are usually bright red from the dirt.  Sophie, of course, couldn't resist putting her own flip flops in that action.  A short while later, Grace decided she wanted to get some clean flops, too. So by herself, she walked over to the basins and began to softly wash her shoes. I watched, as one of the teenage girls at the house ran.....literally ran....from her chores to wash Grace's shoes for her. This lovely young lady, with a lame hand and foot, took her shoes, scrubbed with all her might, bent over at the waist, shoving them in and out of the water.  The shoes were spotless.  I watched as Grace thanked her, and then tried to step into the shoes. The girl would have none of that.....she took Grace's feet and legs and began to tenderly wash the dirt off of them, as well.  She scrubbed and scrubbed, making sure no trace of red dirt was left behind.  

She then looked up and smiled.   
I was all teary-eyed.
I couldn't help but notice that in no way was she too proud.
She was too humble.  And humbled herself to serve others, with a smile.....her physical limitations only making her effort shine brighter in my eyes.

I dared not take a picture of that beauty.

My hubs did take pictures of the rest of our day there. Playing jump rope. My sister-in-law and niece helping nurse wounds (infections are so common here.....).  It was a beautiful day.


Keri said...

This made me tear up.

The look on Madi's face is priceless...sweet girl.

Anonymous said...

So Sweet!!!!

Praying for all of you - missing you, & kisses...


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