Sunday, June 15, 2008

Grace, the Momma

Grace and her Abbie

So Grace said the other day, " Momma, we're gonna have to go to Wal-Mart and start buying bottles, diapers, wipes, patsies....all the things I'm gonna need for this baby."

"You're gonna need?" I ask, incredulously.

She smiled and replied, "I mean, you're gonna need."

I don't doubt that she's already preparing a list of the things she will need for this baby. I mean, she's already been taking care of Abbie (Bitty's new name) for quite a while, like a champ, so a new baby is just another extension of her mom-ness.

Like I said, part of my excitement about this new baby lies in seeing Grace in action. I'm trying to prepare her that it won't be all fun & games.....for example, the constant crying sometimes at night. Her reply, "I'll be okay....I sleep hard. You can't wake me up."

I guess I won't be hoping for her to help with those 3 am feedings.


Keri said...

LOve the new page look. I was thinking about updating mine. Grace is soo funny. Has she said what the new baby's name is?

SuperMom said...

love that gotta frame that one.

Ask Grace if she wants a boy or girl. Abbie is a girl, you know.

The Garners said...

I agree--that's a photo for a frame!

It's going to be so sweet seeing Grace in action with her sibling--how funny that she's working on a Wal-Mart list!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS FLO! LOVE YOU! You're blog makes me laugh, and I can't believe you went to GA camp. LOL So brave are you!
jen ross

Andi said...

Hey girl I love your new background! I can not wait to find out what y'all are having...boy boy boy! We should get together sometime this week since our hubbies are out of town. Talk to ya soon!

Heather said...

I love the new background too. Grace is going to be the best big sister!!

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