Friday, June 13, 2008

I'm Back....and a Little Bit Heavier for Two Reasons.

GA camp.......breathe in, release. Now. Think of one little girl...wide-eyed...telling you story after story of her pets, her Jonas Brothers crush, why she forgot her bath towel, what her birthday party theme was, where she was born, the latest Hannah Montana episode, asking where did she put her $10......and then multiply this little girl by 13. Then put all 13 together for a week. In one room. One room.

Now, add in the really bad camp food (ex. when they handed me my waffle this morning, it was limping in their tongs....not a good sign.) Reason #1 why I'm heavier.

Now, add in the showers that shot out freezing cold water from the handles and were built in 1957.......the kind you have to wear flip-flops in for fear of gangrene/mold/infestation of some sorts.

Now....the saving grace. Add three little girls accepting Jesus for the first time. That makes it all worth it! But I'm very, very, verrryyy glad to be home.

Now....... Reason #2 that I'm heavier.

I'm pregnant!

Baby Bean 6 Weeks

We found out during our vacation last week and next week is my first doctor's appointment. But from my calculations, I'm about 6 1/2 weeks pregnant.

We are so excited and Grace? Oh man. She already was the momma to Biddy she's super excited to have a "real baby" coming. She asks all the time if she can help feed it and give it fact, she'd probably do a better job of taking care of it than I would! I'm mainly excited for Grace to have a little baby brother or sister.......she's going to be such a great older sis.

I'm praying for a healthy pregnancy and can't wait for the addition to our we go again!


Stephanie said...

Hey girl......welcome home!! And congratulations, we are so excited for you guys!!! ; ) Grace will the BEST big sis ever!!!

Stephanie said...

P.S. The wallpaper on my blog came from

Juli said...

OMG!!!!! :*) I'm so beyond thrilled for you, Boog, and Grace! Prayers for a peaceful pregnancy! I can't wait to read my way through your journey :)

A is for Angela said...'ve given me another niece!! (or nephew, but I'm not counting on that!!)

Holly said...

Congratulations!! I am so excited for you. What a great vacation!

The Garners said...

YEY!!!!!!!!! I'm super excited for y'all--that's wonderful news! Praying for you and that sweet baby. So what's that make the due date--February??

Tara said...

Hi Flo! Congrats! I'm soo happy for you! I feel like I need to make a trip out to Texas ASAP to see my cousins!!! I miss you all very much!

Your lonely cousin in NJ,


♥Sadie♥ said...

omg thats sooo kewl! I bet Grace is super excited. just incase you dont know who this is its sadie. lol

Kelly said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! That is wonderful news!!!! How exciting - I hope you aren't feeling sick!!!!

Heather said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! I am so happy for you guys. Maybe the baby will share Brooks and Alexee's b-day, Feb. 2nd. I will pray for a wonderful pregnancy.

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