Sunday, June 8, 2008

Home Sweet Home....

GA Camp Verse

I told Boog on the way back from Florida (which, by the way, felt worlds longer than the drive there) if you ever are grumbling about the place you live....take a vacation....then you'll appreciate it so much more. And appreciate we did.

I loved coming home to my bed....even Grace rolled around in her sheets a while, smiling, before going to sleep. Even after being in the total lap of luxury for a week, I wouldn't trade it for home. Not ever. There's something to be said for taking a break, but I can't do it for too long before I'm ready for real life again.

So that being said - real life here we go! I'm off to GA Camp for a week with 15 3rd-6th grade girls. It should be fun, but there is a rule of "no ipods, cell phones, or lap tops" so I definitely won't be posting for the next week.

Until then, go and read Angie Smith's blog......she's Selah's lead singer's wife....and wow, she could be the next Beth Moore if she wanted to be. So eloquent. But her blog about the "threshing floor" is absolutely the best. In fact, if you haven't read any of her posts, start from the beginning and bring a box of kleenex.

So long!


Juli said...

Glad you're back! Have fun at camp!!!

Kelly said...

Angie is the best!
Have fun at GA camp! You are right - home is the BEST!

The Garners said...

Camp sounds fun! Hope you have a great time together.

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