Sunday, August 24, 2008

What's That I Hear?

It is the sound.....of silence. (Does silence have a sound??) I don't know, but this sound is just what the doctor ordered. Boog's running.....Grace is staying at Mimi's tonight....I am in my kerchief, I mean pajamas, about to lay down for long summer's nap. Actually, I'm about to go to bed and get ready for my first day of school tomorrow. The real deal........17 little ones marching through my doors. There's no stoppin' it.

I'm for sure of a few things:
1. Tomorrow my official name becomes "Mrs. Ferrell".
2. There will be that one child who tops my prayer list all year round.
3. I will undoubtedly go to bed before 8 p.m. at least a dozen times this year.
4. My belly will grow larger.....and according to my second helping of roast today, I'm guessing the rest of my body will follow suit.
5. My principal will continue to amaze me with his ability to cope with his 40+ women and one male staff.
6. My daughter will not want to get up early 4 days a week.
and finally.....
7. My husband will be "Hubby of the Year" when he scratches my head and plays with my hair at night.....(hint, hint Boog!)

I'm not so sure of these things:
1. Whether my guilt of not being a stay-at-home mom will ever subside.....I'm still considering it for baby #2 (but, we like to eat at our house, so that is a major decision!)
2. Whether I'll be able to make it teaching up until my due date like I plan.
3. Whether Boog will become bored with a wife who does nothing but sleep & eat....with the occasional heart burn to boot.
4. And.....just how will Grace truly adapt to having a little baby around all the time?
I love the knowing and the not knowing. I guess it's what makes life interesting. Thankfully, as my belly gets bigger, I get a little more excited that we'll have a bigger family in just 5 short months. That seems like nothing!

I hope all your children have a great first day at school!
Bible Journey: Genesis 30:24-Genesis -36:5


The Garners said...

Good luck tomorrow!!!! Have a great year!

JMass said...

That second helping of roast was just as good as the first...and I'm not pregnant! :)

Stephanie said...

Good luck with your kids today!! I hope your week goes really, really, really good and you only have good, little angels in your class. ; )

Juli said...

Good luck today, Flo!!

Just remember that you pack more quality into your hours with Grace than a LOT of moms do who are home all day! :) You're an awesome mama!

DKS Hearts JYS said...

I'm a member of the Flo fan club. You are an awesome mom, teacher and sister in Christ.

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