Saturday, August 2, 2008

I'm Missing My Boog....

Guatamala is closer to the equator, but about 20 degrees cooler day & night....
how is that?

Boog left today for a week long mission trip to Guatamala. We stayed up late last night... him packing, me watching a movie. And he - in true "Boog & Flo Ferrell" form - packed his entire week's worth of clothes, snacks, shoes, first-aid, etc. into one small carry-on suitcase. (You know how it is to check bags in...especially on international flights. Ugh!) This summer, we managed to pack our entire family for a Florida trip in 2 suitcases! Shouldn't there be a gold medal for that?

Anyway, when Boog's gone, things quickly become very bland around here. He's makes our life colorful, and without him, it's so.....beige. If any of you know him, you know that you get exactly what you see.....a man that says what he feels, and feels a lot. He's the emotional one in our family!

I'm 14 weeks pregnant now, and I couldn't imagine going through all this without him. So come back safe, Boog! We miss you!

Bible Journey: Genesis 12:9-Genesis 17:27
Another example here of how we let others affect our belief in God. The story of Abram, Sarai, and Hagar.....


Stephanie said...

Aw Flo....he is one colorful fella (and full of energy that boy)!!! : ) I'll be praying for his safe return back to you guys.

And WOW is all I have to say about your packing skills....can you teach me how to do that??

Cheer up.....Boog will be back before you know it.

BrotherBoog said...

Well dear, even in colorful Guatemala things are pretty bland without you and the munchkin...miss you bad, missed GRF today when one of our interpreters daughters was feeding pidgeons...very cute. Things are good here, though a bit sketchy at times. Lots of rain. Preached at downtown central park today and shared the gospel one on one alot and saw lots of people come to faith in Christ...awesome hunger here. Was praying with one young lady and the small girl next to her grabbed her hand and started to pray to receive Christ as well...killer!! Learning lots of spanish and to value all we are blessed with spiritually, emotionally, family-ly, and materially very much. I love you both, kiss the girl for me.

Andi said...

Glad to see Boog is doing good over there. If you need anything let me know. Jim said you called, he forgot to tell me the day you called though. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. By the way I love your new background and header. Oh and I bought a cute little BOY onsie for you! We have got to get together soon.

Heather said...

Sweet post Flo..praying for a safe trip. Have fun in Waco and see ya Friday.

The Garners said...

Praying for your family this week!

I can't believe you're 14 weeks already--do the weeks seem to be going by quickly?!

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