Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Design on No Dime!

My sweet sis, Ang, is not only a talented writer, but she can also design one heck of a header if you ask her sweetly. Of course, if too many people ask her sweetly, she might start having to charge a sweet little fee.....but go ahead and try to be one of the first before her email goes into overdrive!

My pregnancy (I'm guessing) has made me go totally nauseous over my last blog design. Those bows, that color green....eecchhhh! So now, call me wild about the zebra.

But I'm still debating on which header to use. The one above (cute, familia pictures, the general mumbo jumbo).....OR should I use this cutie? She was practically in tears laughing so hard at the little chick-a-dees......they are kinda cute. What do you think? Which one should I choose?

(My sister wanted me to make sure you guys knew the open-mouth-chickie is saying "God's plan is always better, dude." and the closed mouth chickie is saying, "tweet, tweet." There.)

Bible Journey: Genesis 9:19-Gen 12:9
I realized a bit of biblical history, if you will, on the Canaanites. I love when you figure out parts of the Bible that relate to earlier sections ....promises, curses....all things coming together like puzzle pieces. I told Boog maybe I should take some seminary classes......ok. Forget I said that. I'll stick to teaching!


The Garners said...

Very cute design!!! Although the birds ARE so cute, I love the family picture strip at the top in black & white.

Fuller Family said...

i like the header at the top with family cute with the zebra print!

Betsy said...

I love them both, but I think the one with the pictures is especially cute!!

Holly said...

Both are so cute, but if it were me choosing, I would go with the one at the top with the family pictures.

Stephanie said...

I like the one you have as your pictures are always a little bit more personal. Love the zebra......I was thinking of changing my background soon too....just for a moving furniture around. : )

Heather said...

My vote is the zebra/family pics it..sooo cute. I want Ang to do one for me too. Do you think I could twist her arm?

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