Thursday, July 10, 2008

Don't Hate Me Because I'm Blogger-Lazy....

I have, indeed, suffered from a bit of lazy blogger syndrome! Usually, I'm so on the blogger conscience says to me, "'s been a couple days, time to blog!" But lately, I've been pushing that aside and spending my summer time doing other things....such as....
.....going to Wal-Mart. : ) My grocery bill has SKYROCKETED since summer began. Does yours? It could be because it's summer and we eat at home a lot more. Maybe it's because I'm pregnant and my cravings tend to make me buy impulsively. Yesterday, I grabbed a big 'ol fat jar of ready made cheese dip....just because it sounded great at the moment. And how about that big'ol fat tub of ready made potato salad I bought the other day. Ewww...just thinking about it now makes me a little nauseous. The things this baby is making me eat!

I've also been doing a lot of TV watching. If any of you know me, pre-pregnancy I was not a TV watcher. Especially during school.....I just don't turn it on. But now, Boog jokingly mentioned how he could see the "tv glow" as he pulled into our driveway. He knew I was in bed and watching some cheesy reality show or Steel Magnolias for the 20th time. I literally put Grace to bed, change into my jammies, then hop into my own bed and like 8:30. Horrible, I know.

So today...I'm babysitting my beautiful niece, Ella (above, next to Mr. PotatoHead), and we're planning on having a good 'ol day of summer time. Maybe my TV loungin' and Wal-Mart gluttony will end soon.....I'm hoping!


Betsy said...

Hi Flo!
I found your blog somehow and just wanted to tell you how much I've enjoyed reading it. Your family is soooo cute and I know you're excited about your new little one coming!!

Don't worry...pregnant mommies are allowed to pig out on anything they want and watch TV whenever the mood strikes. ;) Take advantage of it now!!

Stephanie said...

Ready made cheese dip......sounds, um......YUMMY? : )

Girl, you eat what you want!! If the baby wants it!!! : )

Heather said...

Isn't that what summer is about..being lazy?? You eat anything that sounds yummy and watch as much tv as you want to!! I loved taking naps my first trimester and having a good excuse to not cook very much.
The 7th of August sounds great to me. You can come see the house, meet Brooksie, and then we can grab a bite if you feel up to it!!
Holly and I are throwing around a few dates is July to get together, so I'll email those to you. Maybe you and Grace could come hang out with us that day too??

♥Sadie♥ said...

lol i had sooo much fun with gracie and ella today, i bet shes really proud of that heart we made!

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