Sunday, July 13, 2008

New Mexico? What's in New Mexico?

Me. By tomorrow evening. My sweet hubby, brother-in-law and myself are taking 2 busloads of teenagers on a mission trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico, for five days.

I think we're all crazy, but I'm excited. And sad. Sad because this is the first time that Boog & I have both left Grace for an extended period of time. She'll be hitchiking back and forth between relatives for the week, while her daddy and I pine away for her......we thought of taking her with us, but 12 hours in a bus? She's not quite there... yet.

I'm excited about the opportunity though. We'll be staying in a church's homeless shelter and helping out with meals, their lunch program, and also doing a little PR for their upcoming VBS. (Food! Right up my alley!) Seriously though, if there ever were an outreach that I could throw myself into, this would be it. Food, shelter, water, clothing....these basic needs that mean life or death both here and abroad. I want to learn about this program so maybe one day we can do something similar in our own area.

Pray for a safe trip. Pray for my easy car-sickness these days to hold off. Pray for the kids...this is a first mission trip for many of them. Pray for Boog. Pray that I don't treat these teenagers like my fourth graders and that I resist the urge to make them do a head count everytime we go somewhere (although, for some parents, I know my "overprotection" will be a good thing!).
I'll catch you all later on Friday!


Keri said...

Maybe you can give us an update midweek.

Stephanie said...

Hope you guys have a safe trip!! Let us know how it goes.

Juli said...

Have a safe trip!!! What a neat opportunity! I remember going to Arizona with FMC Atlanta's youth group in high school! It was so neat!

The Garners said...

How awesome! Have a great week...praying for y'all!

Betsy said...

Have a great trip!! My son is on a mission trip to Jamaica this week, so I will pray for your team every time I pray for his! :)

A is for Angela said...

Your daughter is fine....the trip to the ER was a breeze, she stopped crying after 17 hours, and there's minor scarring on her forehead. I hope you like her new hair cut....think Brad Pitt style. He's soooo in these days. The poison control center called back and said everything should resolve itself in 10 days and I'm certain her eyebrows will grow back just fine.

Things are great here at Beeler daycare.

Heather said...

Hope you are having a blessed and safe week. My uncle lives in Alb, but we've yet to go visit. Can't wait to hear about the trip!!
Can you and Grace come to T for a playdate next Friday the 25th?

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