Monday, July 28, 2008

Needing Some Relief....

Having Fun, Fun, Fun!

...from this heat!! I looked at the 5-day forecast and it said "100, 101, 101, 101.....etc.etc. forever and ever amen." This is the time when I start dreaming of my favorite season - autumn. Who doesn't love the cool air, the smell of football (yes, football HAS a smell!), college football ......(I'm soooo excited to go to some Aggie games.....they are THE BEST!) air, did I mention that?

For a refresher, we've been pulling out the ol'slip'n'slide alot (thanks, Carolyn!). It's an instant cool down, and Grace thinks it's "so cool!". Her words. Kids....they get so delighted in the little things. I wish I could be that way all the time!

Bible Journey: Genesis 5:32-Gen 9:19
Noah & the flood. "...Never again shall there be a flood to destroy the earth." (Gen 9:11). I thought of that last phrase, God's promise. We all know He keeps His promises. I imagine if I was God (and I'm so glad I'm not!), that it would be really hard at times to keep that promise. I'd want to flood the world every morning, start anew.......the morning news can make you think that way. But He can look at our world and still see beauty...something valuable to save. He can look at us, and what we do to our bodies and with our bodies, and beneath all that mess.....he still sees something beautiful. Something worthy of saving. It's His patience with us, His mercy, His compassion, His perfectness in the full plan of it all.......His wonder.


Betsy said...

That looks so refreshing! I wish I could jump in there with them! :) It's blazing hot here, too!

The Lorick Family said...

Wow...I loved your thoughts about your bible reading today! I want you to know that you are the peaceful person that I thought of this week in our bible study. There is just something about just seem so at peace with things.
Just thought I would tell you!

Julie Estes said...

Way to go on the Accountability Blog! You inspire me.

Juli said...

How fun! Look at Grace! :*) Her hair is getting so long, she looks so old!!!

Heather said...

Inspiring me too. Cute pics of sweet Grace!!

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