Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Booty, Booty, Booty....

I giggle when I say that word. I know....immature. I think it's funny though. So I couldn't help but grab this photo opportunity when it arose (my hubs is gonna kill, he is really gonna kill me).

The Tale of Two Booties...

How could a bundle of fat cells ever be more cute? Only in a mother's/wife's eyes.....sigh.

It's been a while since I've blogged. It's been so bad that even my husband mentioned, "So when ya gonna blog again?" (I think it's the only time he really gets to see what's inside of that head of mine!). I could say the proverbial "We've been soooo busy" But I ain't gonna lie - we're no busier than usual. In fact, most of my days are very routine.....get home from work, play with kids, cook dinner, bath, bed for, then bed for me. Simple.

BUT. It has been a little stressed seeing how we're about to close and say adios to our shack in 17 days and close on our next hacienda in 20. Moving during Christmas is not appealing. But, looking forward to putting 2009 - the year of hairbrained, split-second decision making, moving 2 times, not knowing where we're gonna live, changing jobs, having a baby year - putting THAT behind me and onto 2010 seems sooooo appealing! I'm actually looking forward to New Year's for once!
(I do not like moving. I do not like moving. I do not like moving.
Note to self - repeat three times, wash, and rinse.)

One not so hairbrained item this year is my sweet Sophie turning 10 months a few days ago! 10 months....she only has two teeth, she sleeps 10-12 hours a night, and other than the fact that she hates her carseat and can't have her diaper changed without the use of all my limbs holding her down, she's a doll. Just a doll. We laugh at this poor baby constantly!

Love those eyes.... dirty face, but great eyes!

I hope your Christmas season is full of memory making days. I know mine will be......


Keri said...

Oooh I could just squeeze her! I was thinking just last night about not seeing you at church. :(

Remember, we're here and ready to help y'all move. Just hollar.

beechembrightspots said...

I do believe you are going to be in BIG trouble...I know I would be if I posted a picture like that of Eric. :) I'm sure he'll forgive you though! I'm looking forward to visiting with you soon!

Jenna said...

Love that Sophie girl! Keri is right...we would love to help ya'll in anyway...I would LOVE to keep your girls so you can get some things done. Just let us know what we can do!

The Keltons said...

What a sweet little face. Hope the move goes smoothly.

Donna said...

Huggalicious...let me make it perfectly clear...Sophie is huggalicious! Boog may be sorry he ever mentioned you blogging again!

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