Sunday, December 13, 2009

Snuggly Christmas Movies

You either are a repeat movie watcher or you aren't. As I've said before, my sister and I are polar opposites on many things. This is no exception. When I told her a while back that Boog and I have certain movies we watch over and over again, she had a certain dead-pan, you do whatttt? look seep over her. As if the thought of sitting there, watching the same movie you've already watched a hundred times was.....ludicrous. I find it quite..... lovely. : )

Speaking of lovely, there are several lovely movies that are absolute must-re-see's during the Christmas season. I don't know why, but they are just about as cozy feeling as a cup of apple cider, or pumpkin bread bakin' in the oven, or.....those fruffy socks you only wear with your pj's.

Here's a few of my Christmas movie must-re-see's.

The Family Man. Cute kids...Christmas stuff. Love it!

Sleepless in Seattle. LOVE that kid, Jonah. Love the house on the Seattle water.

You've Got Mail. Guess I'm a fan of you know who and you know who. Love Meg's hair.

Christmas Vacation. This one tickles my funny bone so much! "The blessing??" anyone?


The Settlemeyers said...

Ok I definitely have to agree with your sister with the exception of Christmas Vacation! That and White Christmas are a must every season!

The Garners said...

Those are all great movies! (I always thought that house on the Seattle water was the neatest!!!) I'd have to add "It's a Wonderful Life" to the list! :)

Stephanie said...

We always watch 'Elf'!!!! : )

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