Thursday, December 10, 2009

Nothin' Says Lovin'....

The Rejects...(photos, I mean)

......Like desperately trying to get your children to behave, pose, and maybe even smile a bit for the all-perfect Christmas pictures. Oh, and add in arguing with your spouse to boot over who takes better pictures. Now THAT's a Christmas to remember! : )
Out of 40 takes, I got one good one. Be waiting for that in your mailboxes. Merry Christmas!


The Garners said...

Oh my goodness--such CUTE girls in CUTE outfits!!!

I agree, what is more fun than the family photo session!? Lane always hates to hear the words, "Let's try to get a family picture."

The Allens said...

They are beautiful. I never told you, but I made the cornboy hash you had on here a while ago. We loved it. I've made it again since then. Soooo good. Thank you!

beechembrightspots said...

Cute! We just LOVE taking famiy pictures and all 3 boys are always SO cooperative! :)

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