Wednesday, July 28, 2010

8 Weeks With My Husband

I asked my hubs the other day, "Do you still love me or are you just committed to me?" (it was a half-joking question.....we were being silly.) His response was equally silly, "I should be committed because I still love you."

That sentiment, mixes of serious and silly, pretty much describes this rare experience: spending 8 weeks with my husband....all day, every day. Just us..... well, us and our kids.

Not too many couples get to experience that much time together. Weekends here and there. Maybe a week long vacation. But 8 whole weeks? I was afraid at first. Week 1 was ominous. I would put a load of laundry in - he'd be there. He would type an email - I'd be there. I would read a magazine - he'd be there. He would throw his clothes on the bathroom floor - I'd be there (with a disapproving look, nontheless). We were always there. At that point, I told him one of us would need to get a summer job.

Week 2 was better. We got used to 'being there', and then realized some bonuses. I could run to the grocery store for butter without having to haul the 'lil gals along. He could wake up and go for a run/golf/bike ride without having to worry about missing too much family time....we'd be there when he got back! Things were perking up!

Week 3-8 was really a wash of us realizing that yes, we would make it and we still could make each other laugh, and we could get on each others' nerves, and we could cook breakfasts together, and we could argue, and we could watch movies, and we could sit in our rocking chairs on the porch, and we could.....still enjoy our marriage.

Tonight, I read to Grace about Rebekah. She's our 5th woman in the "Women of the Bible" book we've been going through. So far, I've talked to Grace about Eve, Sarah, Hagar, Lot's wife, and tonight's Rebekah was a perfect discussion. We talked about how God had chosen her to be Isaac's wife. How God did not make a mistake in His choice. How it was already written before she was born. That's it. I didn't talk about Jacob or Esau or any of her legacy, just the fact that God chose her to be Isaac's wife. Much like I was chosen for Boog (and vice versa).

Committment or "still in love" or whatever......I learned during this 8 weeks I need to cherish what God ordained for me. My marriage to Boog, even during the stinky times, is valuable. And what is valuable is worth investing our time and efforts.

I look forward to the next big 'chunk' of time we get to spend together!

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