Thursday, July 15, 2010

"Here's Your Once Chance, Fancy, Don't Let Me Down..."

Miss Fancy

I start this post with trepidation and fear.
There she is. My "newsd" car.
It took us three cities, umpteen car dealerships, and several phone calls of price negotation before we finally bit the bullet and went back where we first started. The dealership with great customer service and zero, absolutely zero talking dummies...I mean, salesmen. We had a number in mind. We didn't want to go over it. That number gave us a few options of used cars.....4-runners, Tahoes, Muranos, and the like.

But in the end, Miss Fancy's reliable reputation
and sweet price negotiations by my hubs, won out.
That and the smell inside. She still smells new. I have no idea how - she's an '04.

What's the fear and trepidation bit?
Well. I still know about all the kids without socks in the world.
I also know that other people don't know this is a USED vehicle with plenty of miles on it. So other people will assume I bought a NEW vehicle wayyyyy out of my pay grade. I don't like those assumptions. They make me feel icky. And well, I also know I could've bought a lesser vehicle....saved a couple thousand...and done something else with that money. Like buy socks.

So after much laboring thought and bugging my husband with, "Are we suuuurree about this?" I reached peace with our decision to purchase Fancy. I think we got heck of a deal...probably the deal of decade at that dealership.

I hope to be driving this car 5 years from now.
So in the words of Reba, "Fancy, Don't Let Me Down..."

(in a non-prostitute your daughter way, of course.)


Kathryn said...

I am pretty sure the last sentence is my fav!

The Allens said...

I also enjoyed the last sentence, b/c when I saw the title of the post I thought about young prostitution. I get all of your points about the car, but you did the right thing if you have peace and it is a very nice car.

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