Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Our Last Hurrah!!

On the MAT
in Dallas

With Boog's "back to work" looming in two days, we thought we should go for one last hurrah as a family. We opted for Dallas. It's quick. We're familiar with it. And we had a few places we wanted to try....1) the McKinney Avenue Trolley (MAT) which runs in uptown Dallas and is really a great way to get around 2) the Dallas World Acquarium and 3) a few good restaurants. (Oh, and we also had to stay at a hotel for Grace...I think that's the main thing she remembers from our trip. Room Service.)

I will say this. Vacation are a little more "work" than "vacay" these days. At 18 months, Sophie Monster entered Dallas with a boldness that hasn't been seen since Pamela Ewing. She had the food flyin' left and right at Babe's....(yum, yum!)

And it took a few pinches on her thigh to get her to act right at The Pancake House
(OH myyyy that stuff was good!)
And Heaven's to Betsy the McKinney Avenue Trolley couldn't contain her.....

Here's Grace, swingin' from the rafters.....

Our view from our favorite hotel, the The Warwick Melrose

Me, doing what I always do first, curlin' up in the bed!

At the Dallas World Acquarium (not cheap to visit, but worth it once)

Our Favorite Jelly Roll, the Manatee

The Belly of a Sharknose Something

All in all, our last hurrah left us exhausted.
In the words of my sister..."It's gonna be at least two more years before your vacations feel like a vacation!" Ha! That's okay. I'm not ready for Pamel..I mean, Sophie...to grow up just yet.


The Garners said...

I know what you mean--when we went to the beach two summers ago (Alexee was 15 months), it was SO exhausting. The beach was beautiful and the friends were so great (that's when we went with Holly and Heather and their families!), but there's just nothing relaxing about that age, especially in an unfamiliar location.

The summer truly has gone by too fast. We shopped for school supplies today. :(

You have such a precious family!

Stephanie said...

Boog has to go back to work already??? BOOOOO! Man, the summer went fast huh? Well, looks like you guys had fun and sent the summer off right. : )

I hope we get to see you guys this Fall. Any chance you will be at the A&M vs Arkansas game in Dallas on October 9?? We already got tickets!!

Keri said...

We took the boys to the Aqaurium. It isn't 'CHEAP'. But it was fun. Wish we had taken more quick trips to Dallas this summer.

The Allens said...

LOVE Babe's!

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