Saturday, November 13, 2010

Gut It.

Lately, I think these two words have been used more often than they should. Remodel phase 3 out of 45. We pondered, dilemma'd, wondered, and thoughtfully decided that instead of salvaging any of the former kitchen cabinetry, we....just...wouldn't. The bathroom, too. Gut it. Gut it all.

If only those words came with "Gut it...while we stay at the Holiday Inn". Unfortunately, we are still living in this house. Breathing in the dust. Using the one bathroom sink as our kitchen sink, and eating take out. Lots of it.

Our new canned lighting has been installed (Yea!) and tonight, in preparation for the sheet rocking and painting to come this week, Boog and I got busy putting order to the chaos. Just so we can survive another month.

Ahhhh. All in a day's remodel.

Old Kitchen....

Gutted. No More Dividing Wall!

The Lovely, Nasty Gutted Bathroom


The Allens said...

Y'all impress the socks off of me.

Nana's Nuggets said...

Hi! flo, girl hang in there you will love the new do! It sounds and looks like it is going to very pretty! Have a great week!

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