Saturday, November 27, 2010

Is My Thanksgiving Like Yours?

The Feasting Table

Maybe your Thanksgiving is easy, easy. Every year it's at the same home, same cousins, same jokes, same game playing...... us Ferrell's? Oh no. We like to mix it up. Every year it's a guessing game of who's gonna have the dinner, where's it going to be located, when are we going to do it, are we going to be here/there/everywhere? etc. etc. Now that's a holiday!

This year, the Thanksgiving candidate that won was.....

My sister's house!
The lovely winners - Cody & Angela

Cody Digging In

My dad & Sopees (as she now calls herself!)

Grace and her best cousin bud, Landrie

My other two nieces, Emerie & Kellie-Laine
I love my sister's house because it's always busting at the seams with little girls. And this year, with my hubby gone hunting, it was even more girlish. Poor Cody. And the dinner is pretty much a chaos of getting everyone plates & drinks.... then hoping the adults can sit down and eat a bite before the little ones need something. Then sending the little ones on, so that us big ones can chat and laugh. But I'm thankful for a family that can be at a table and have some laughs. Even if it's mostly at ourselves.


Eastlyn and co. said...

Your thanksgiving sounds about right! My SIL has hosted turkey day dinner for the past two years. I think this will be her holiday. My sister usually hosts the Christmas family get together. My baby brother and his wife usually get mother's day. My house is a wreck 365 days a year so we don't host anything, but I'm guessing we'll soon be doing 4th of July or all of the summer b-days or something since we have a swimming pool. Sometimes I complain that every single holiday is a huge production, but I know I'll miss it when we're no longer able to do what we do. Enjoy these times-hysteria and all!

Nana's Nuggets said...

Hi! Flo, WoW~ this is so normal! I really thought mine was the craziest!! Ha-Ha- We have to work around work schedules, when the kids go to other parents and the whole bit as well, but when we do get-it-togeher we are one big happy Family!! Love It! and your Family is so beautifu!! Have a great week!

Jenna said...

What beautiful girls! Looks like fun! Our Thanksgiving is always just as crazy, if not more!
By the way...I think the remodel is looking great! I can't wait to see it finished...I'm sure you can't either!:)

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