Thursday, November 4, 2010

Roses & Thorns

Every now and then, when conversation at the dinner table is lagging, we play a game called "Roses & Thorns". Each person has to say one rose (a good thing) and one thorn (a not so great thing) about their day. It sounds silly, but it's a good conversation starter for little kids. Gets 'em thinkin....

So in bloggerville, I would say my rose today was, after teaching an appositive sentence lesson at school, one of my students was practicing writing one and said, "Hey, Mrs.'d like this one....I wrote 'Jesus, my Lord and Savior, died on the cross for me.'." I gotta say, my heart swelled a little just knowing she knew I'd like it.

At the same time, my thorn is....all day today....I still have a nagging thought. My Uganda trip application - unmailed, undelivered. I'm still hesitant about just sending - it - on - in. It's like if I drop it in the mail, then boom. I'm for sure leaving my kiddos for two weeks. Something I've never done before.

Ironic rose & thorn.

Roses & Thorns. Fun game. You should try it.

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