Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Peace with Projects

Here's part of a little girl's 3-piece bedroom set that I painted for a friend. Last coat of wax = done! I don't have before pictures, but just imagine brown, brown, brown!

I gotta say. This was my first 'custom piece' where I was able to say "just pay 60 Feet". I've always struggled a bit with pricing, and when friends would ask me to quote them - eeecckkkk....I hated doing that. So to be able to say that ....PEACE be my heart!

While I painted this set, I listened to my worship tunes and thought about how my small paintbrush will help those faces that are in my not-too-distant memory. It helps keep Africa fresh on my mind and heart. That's a good thing because with each passing day, "my good life" encourages me to push it under the rug.

I don't want life to push Africa under the rug.
I want my life to reflect what it's shown me.........

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